Spaniel-Like Result - Birmingham


Great small valves

Have you ever seen small valves and do you know how they works? I believe that this is the future in valves and that we should try to get more and do more out of it too. But when we can do it I might say and I might understand that this is not the best way of living and I might also feel a better solution for what is worth too. When we try to get more out of it I feel that this is great and that is the solution for all, which I like to get more ...

Mycket jobb idag

Idag kommer det bli en hel del tunggodshantering på lagret i kungsbacka. Så ska in och jobba sena skiftet idag och det kommer bli tungt och rätt jobbigt men man får väl se. Tycker det ska bli kul för det kommer bli mest körande med trucken och sen lite annat med men det blir lite omväxling. Man måste ju försöka göra detta så snabbt man kan bara så att man ska kunna komma hem och jobba på källaren så snart som möjligt. Har ju lite som man renoverar och bygger med just nu och det är verkligen grymt kul.

Who is Eugenia?

Who is Eugenia, anyway? I went to school with a Eugenia once. Fashion Training it was. I liked her very much. I wonder what became of her. Maybe I should try to look her up? In my class there was also a very nice girl named Deana. And little Kay was cool and spunky. There was an Agatha, who was very talented, and Sok, who made totally feminine clothes. She was sweet and dainty as a flower herself. Don was probably the one with the greatest potential, and he had a job with a costume company. Mary died in a ...